The Tetratans

The three figures below were constructed from the 14 tetratans. The first three figures were discovered by Henri Picciotto; the two hexagons (left) were first published (without solutions) in December 1989.  The upper right figure was first published in SuperTangrams for Beginners, Book 2 (Creative Publications, 1987, ISBN 0-88488-633-6; page 39; solution page 42).  These three figures have many solutions; the solutions below are by Michael Keller.  The fourth figure (below right) was discovered and solved by Ed Pegg.  All four constructions show that figures with bilateral (though not rotational) symmetry can be constructed with the full set of tetratans, contrary to Martin Gardner's statement in chapter 11 (Polyhexes and Polyaboloes, page 154) of Mathematical Magic Show (1978, Random House, ISBN 0-394-72623-5). The drawings were made with a commercial CAD program. 

tetratan.gif (15824 bytes)


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