Plants vs. Zombies spoiler for secret zombie

The secret zombie is the Zombie Yeti, which appears rarely, mainly in Night/Fog scenarios. It will not show up in the Suburban Almanac until it is seen. It seems to be very timid and runs away quickly. You will get a tip about the Yeti on the 11th information frame in the Tree of Wisdom, but the Yeti will not show up until the second time through the Adventure, about midway through the conveyor belt Fog scenario, 4-10:

It later shows up in other scenarios on occasion. If you can kill it before it runs away, you will get a bonus of four blue diamonds (worth $4,000). It can be hypnotized by a Hypno-shroom, but this does not earn the $4,000 bonus. You have to be aggressive to kill it, especially in 4-10 where you have no explosives. One trick in Level 4-10 is to block its escape route with a Pumpkin; this may give your Cacti, Starfruit, and Split Peas enough time to kill it. I once killed two in the same game of Pogo Party. I have also seen it in Survival: Night, Survival: Pool, Survival: Day (Hard), Survival: Night (Hard), Survival: Fog (Hard), Survival: Roof (Hard), Survival: Endless, Bobsled Bonanza, Column Like You See 'Em, Wall-Nut Bowling 2, Pogo Party, Invisi-ghoul, and even in Adventure Level 1-1 (the fifth time through -- it may be that the more you play, the more frequently you see the Yeti zombie) and 2-1. I have also seen a mini-Yeti in Big Trouble Little Zombie.

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