A Guide to Twisting Puzzles

A full-color guide to twisting puzzles including Rubik's Cube and all of its different-sized relatives (2x2x2 through 7x7x7).   Illustrated with about 100 diagrams and more than 80 photos, mostly in full color.

An e-book, in web browser format, available now for $10 from our Puzzle Laboratory shop.  Free updates when future editions are published. 

Free excerpt: a complete solution to the Pyraminx made by Tomy in 1981.

Complete solutions to:
2x2x2 cube
3x3x3 cube (Rubik's Cube)
4x4x4 cube (Rubik's Revenge)

Outlines of solutions to:
5x5x5 cube (Professor Cube or V-Cube 5)
6x6x6 cube (V-Cube 6)
7x7x7 cube (V-Cube 7)

More solutions coming in a later edition.

Extensive bibliography

Table of Contents

A Microhistory of Twisting Puzzles
A Quick Account of my Cubing History
A Brief Glossary of Terms Used in Twisting Puzzles
Solving Rubik's Cube -- an Intermediate Solution
Rubik's Picture Cube
Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube
Magic Domino
Rubik's Insanity -- a Scrambling Question
A Tactile Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Pocket Cube
Rubik's Revenge (4x4x4 Cube)
Pyraminx in 27 Moves
The Skewb
The Orb
New Shapes for Rubik's Snake
More Solutions Coming
The Professor's Cube (5x5x5 Rubik's Cube) and larger cubes
Siamese Cube
Alexander's Star
The Missing Link
Puzzle Roundup
Engel's Puzzles
Top-Spin and Back-Spin
Smart Alex and Galaxy Lock
Rubik's Clock
Where to Buy Puzzles
Annotated Bibliography
A Survey of Rubik's Cube Maneuver Catalogs
Mastering the Cube Literature: A Short Guide to Books on the Magic Cube of Ernő Rubik
Sequels to the Cube: Books on Big and Little Cubes, Snakes, Pyramids, and Chains
Who's Who in Cubology
Appendix 1 -- Varasano method for speedsolving 2x2x2
Appendix 2 -- MES and xyz notation